Childhood memories in cake form
£40 for a 6″ round cake

Cendol Cake

The flavours and textures of a classic cendol* – in cake form!

Layers of pandan chiffon cake, tapioca pearls, and coconut mousse, topped with the finishing touch of a glossy gula melaka jelly.

*Cendol, pronounced “chendol”, is a shaved ice dessert ubiquitous in Malaysia. Traditionally, the eponymous pandan-green noodles with a perfectly chewy texture are served over shaved ice, covered with gula melaka syrup and coconut milk and often serves as a wonderful antidote to the mid-afternoon tropical heat. This cake turns that on its head, and is perfect accompanied with a lighter-flavoured hot cup of tea.

This cake is best enjoyed slightly chilled – straight from the fridge, or shortly after removing from the fridge.

Not suitable for vegetarians  as it contains (halal) beef gelatine. We are working on making this vegetarian friendly!
We may be able to accommodate requests to use alternative types of gelatine – please let us know when using our order form if you’d like this.

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